«This is what we expected! »

This sentence is what motivates Oumy Sall, Franco-Senegalese, founder of Diaar Yéémou Invest, determined to change the investment of the African diaspora within the continent.

Oumy did not come to real estate investing by accident.

CEO of the communication agency Proxi, installed in the Paris region for many years, like many, she is looking to acquire a property in her native country.

Leave an heritage to her children.

To own a home in the country.

And, like many, she finds herself in an ubiquitous, hopeless and frustrating situation.

Oumy finds the land to buy. She still performs checks, for the sake of conscience, before finalizing the purchase.

And, there, she’s alerted.

The papers provided are forged.

Oumy tries in vain to reach his interlocutor, the crook who tried to sell her the property.

He hangs up on her.

Oumy is furious.

Still, if she’s upset, it’s not just for her.

She was able to do control damage in time.

But, how many can say the same ?

How many members of the African diaspora wish to invest in their country of origin, in Mali, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire …, and find themselves cheated ?

How many arrive on their supposed property and find themselves with a false title and property claimed by 3 or 4 different owners ?

Oumy is interested in the subject, digs into the question.

These are common practices in Africa, she is told.

What if she could change that ?

Founder and President of Club Inspirant – a platform and hub for networking and entrepreneurship that promotes female diaspora leadership in the business environment of host countries and countries of origin – and organizer of the first edition of JIFAD (International Day of African Women in the Diaspora) in France, Oumy is convinced that African leaders have the power to innovate to build a new mindset in business in Africa.

To undertake ? It doesn’t scare her !

On the contrary, identifying a problem in a market and responding to a need by offering something new is what she does best.

By the way, she’s not on her first try.

Oumy is a woman of action. An entrepreneur at heart.

The one who launched the concept of African frozen meals box in 2010, is launching a new challenge.

That of changing real estate in Africa both in terms of offers and practices.

She knows this is the height of a challenge for an entrepreneur like her.


An entrepreneur who sees opportunities where others see problems.

An entrepreneur who sees all the potential of the African continent.

Who knows its culture, its flaws, its assets.

Who knows the pains, the habits.

Who identifies the constraints, the brakes, the economic operations.

So, Oumy decides to make her experience, her disappointment, her new hobbyhorse.

Why should the African diaspora be at the mercy of scammers ?

Is there not a way to contribute to the development of your country, to afford land or the house you have always dreamed of at home, in the country, without going through the vagaries of unscrupulous individuals, overcharged quotes, financial opacity ?

Isn’t there a way for any native African or bi-national to be able to participate in the economic boom of their country while having something real, tangible at an affordable price ?

And if it was possible ?

But, Oumy doesn’t want to sell dreams.

She wants to sell reality.

It is 40 km from Dakar, in Yenne, by the sea, not far from the new airport which brings a whole new influence to the region that Oumy finds several sites for purchase.

In Oumy’s mind, the idea is taking shape.

What if she sold plots of these purchased lands?

She knows, too, that not everyone can afford land, cash. 

So the female entrepreneur and communications specialist has another idea.


An idea that came to him from Africa.

What if we applied the Tontine principle to real estate ?

This solidarity financing thus makes it possible to pay in several monthly installments without interest.

Oumy then offers these buyers to pay in several monthly installments according to the same modalities that are not very restrictive and transparent.

Nothing more.

This vision of investing with confidence, Oumy decides to formalize it by launching Diaar Yéémou Invest, her concept to facilitate members of the diaspora access to property and transparent investment in Africa.

An innovative solution to reconnect with one’s roots, to invite a return to one’s roots, without exposing oneself to the risks usually associated with the sector.

Because, Oumy knows the scandals that have shaken real estate investment in Africa.

She knows how scared people are.

How many people bought ghost houses ?

How many have waited for work that never ends ?

How many squandered their savings on plane tickets to make sure the project of a lifetime is completed ?

For them, Oumy makes Diaar Yéémou solid.

She chooses this expression, by attachment to the region of her ancestors, Ndiarème (alteration of Diaar Yéémou). A symbolic and mythical name given by Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, founder of Mouridism, which means “when you go there, you are dazzled”.

As if to embody Oumy’s vision of investing in Africa.

An informed, innovative, transparent investment, modernized by a reliable structure, trained staff, and physical offices.

We don’t cheat with Oumy.


And people are feeling it. Know it.

« This is what we expected »,  these buyers tell her.

Oumy sells a large number of plots with her original Tontine principle applied to real estate.

Oumy structures her offer, sets up offices in Yenne, Dakar and Paris to truly be present on the territory and in the diaspora and allow these buyers to have an interlocutor here and there.


No question of hanging up on it or disappearing.


Oumy is driven by this mission to redirect the savings of the African diaspora towards physical investment.


Real estate by buying land, whatever your means, or by truly founding a project in the country in the agribusiness sector.


Her “Diaspora Invest” concept invites each expatriate to carry out for himself or for a member of his family back home, a project, replacing monthly money transfers.

Because for Oumy, it’s time to give back to the country what it gave.

The future is in Africa.

For the diaspora, it’s no longer about sending money to their family back in Senegal or Mali,.., it’s about building something.

A house.

A viable agricultural project.

To breathe life into and create jobs and wealth in Africa.

But, Oumy doesn’t stop there.

This is what she demonstrates by putting into motion each of her ideas.

First idea, to sell, with the assurance of a real legal contract for buyers, with a company as interlocutor, and the contracting of an insurance contract covering the default (death or disability) of buyers.


Second idea, to allow everyone to have access to the property.

With the tontine principle, Oumy Sall reinvents participatory purchasing and offers a transparent and realistic way to invest in the country according to one’s means, and to be able to enjoy a real home when you return on vacation.

A payment solution without making a bank loan.

Intelligent and accessible to all, customers can now pay for the purchase of their land between 12 and 24 monthly payments without charge and without interest. For constructions, the same principle, with payments ranging from 12 to 48 monthly payments, for constructions which last on average only 6 months.

Third idea, to put the expertise of builders and qualified architects and experts in their sectors at the service of buyers.

Buying land is good, but who is going to build ? Oumy then surrounded herself with experienced teams to offer 4 types of houses according to the desired standard by appealing to the ingenuity of eco-construction.

Treat yourself to a 3-room house for only 29,900 euros?

Yes you can !

Too good to be true ?

 No, because by using more in the constructions the renewable energy resources of Africa as well as local materials such as wood, stone, shells, earth, natural paints, the sun, natural ventilation,…

Oumy Sall optimizes resources and thus offers accessible goods without neglecting standards.

African style, European standards, for turnkey home solutions for everyone.

Oumy Sall thinks it all, in the details.

Each offer stems from a need that she observes, and brick after brick, she adds a stone to the edifice.


After the sale of verified and certified land plots, the construction of houses, the development of architectural plans, the innovation of solidarity financing applied to real estate, Oumy has a new idea to perfect a global offer.

What if it also offered rental management?

Members of the diaspora are not there all year round.

What if the good bought paid off for them when they are in Paris, Milan, New York, Dubai?

With Diaar Yéémou, Oumy Sall is revolutionizing the investment sector of the African diaspora by providing a rigorous, innovative and unprecedented approach. 

Instead of the informal, she structures and sets up the specialized company, the company Diaar Yéémou Invest in Senegal, concerned with standards, with a head office in Dakar.

If you ask Oumy what’s wearing her, she won’t say “earn money”!

She will be honest, though.

Of course, she is an entrepreneur.

African. Member of the diaspora. Who has everything else at heart.

For her, money doesn’t add value.

Acting for the growth of her country.

Fighting for the development of her continent.

Imagine something that will make a difference in Africa.

This, yes. 

And, that’s what matters to Oumy.

Maybe also leave a trace.

To be the one who will allow everyone to be an active member of his community by investing in their country of origin.

This mission, she did not discover it like that.

In any obstacle there is a chance.

From her unhappy experience, from this swindle of which she was a victim, Oumy saw a virtuous breach there.

If it has happened to her, it can happen to anyone!

And, for her, there is no longer any question of it happening like that, under the pretext that it is Africa. 

The scam will not be repeated. 

She creates her alternative, Diaar Yéémou Invest, to change a whole system that benefits many dishonest people.

And, it goes even further.

To ensure all the transparency essential to its customers, Oumy is developing more than a website, a digital platform that allows each buyer to view from anywhere in the world, from their personalized member area thanks to a login and a password, the progress of its work and electronically sign the contractual documents.

Another way she designs to eliminate doubts, fears, unnecessary travel expenses.

With Oumy all prejudices about investing in Africa are swept aside.

This is her goal, that all Africans can have the means to build the Africa of tomorrow, and send dubious obsolete practices back to the past.

Invest for the future without any risk and with a lot of heart.


And, she is not at the end of her mind to achieve it!