Land for saleI

f you are looking for land, it is important to have in mind that investing in land is like investing in the future real estate project of your dreams. So you have to choose it with great ca


Kër AwaVilla F3

Kër DabaVilla F4

Kër AidaVilla F5 (R+1)

Architectural pla

nTo project yourself on your future home, our architects can create a detailed diagram of your project in 3D.

Authenticate a prope

rtyYou want to buy a property, we can carry out all the checks. An authentication report will be given to you to allow you to engage in complete serenity.



u're looking for:

  • Assistance for your negotiations
  • A solution to your conflicts

Diaar Yémou Invest offers you support through consultation, mediation or legal with the help of its expert partners.

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    ath Information

    The aim is to build up a capitalized savings to cover the costs of repatriation of bodies following the death of African nationals living in the Diaspora.

    All West African nationals are affected.

    Retirement insura

    nceIt is a matter of building up a funded retirement savings.

    At the end of the contract, the insurer agrees to pay the beneficiary capital equal to the amount of accrued savings plus interest.

    This capital can be paid in one go or in the form of annuities.

    Education insurance


    It is a matter of building up a funded study savings.

    The insurer agrees to pay an annuity or capital plus interest at the end of the contract to cover the children's education costs.

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