ULa Tontine Diaar Yémou

To solve the thorny issue of financing clients who do not have capital to invest, Diaar Yémou draws inspiration from tontine. A system of savings, entrepreneurship and solidarity that is almost an institution in Africa.

Tontine brings together people who pool funds for a freely determined period for the purpose of carrying out a project. A prize pool that each saver will have to receive periodically in turn.

Diaar Yémou has thus set up the tontine terrain, an intelligent payment solution accessible to all. Customers can now pay for the purchase of their land between 12 and 18 monthly installments without charge or interest.

Community funding

To democratize home ownership in Africa for the African diaspora around the world, Diaar Yéémou proposes community funding with regulations ranging from 12 to 48 monthly payments, for an average duration of 6 months.

Solidarity bank financing

With our financial partners, you have the opportunity to obtain solidarity financing with a low interest rate to finance your project.

Cash payment

Three regulations staggered depending on the progress of your work.

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