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African Diaspora's investment partne

Oumy SALL, a Franco-Senegalese who has specialized in marketing and communication in France for more than a decade, noted that members of the African diaspora wherever they are are keen to invest in their home country and primarily in real estate.

Not being physically present during these investments, many end up in disputes due to breaches and embezzlement by intermediaries.

A keen entrepreneurship enthusiast, Oumy Sall created the company Diaar Yémou Invest to meet this challenge.

Diaar Yémou Invest, supports and secures the diaspora's investments in Africa, propo
A large base of authenticated
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Supporting viable and profitable projects
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s, without moving from home.

Locally established partnersDiaa

r Yémou Invest works with rigorously selected partners close to the field: design offices, experts, architects, notaries, builders, donors…

They are all at the service of our customers to provide them with reliable, innovative, and cheap solutions.

Diaspora Invest!


The Coronavirus epidemic has reinforced Diaar Yémou's idea that it is becoming appropriate to redirect the savings of the African diaspora towards investment. With its Diaspora Invest concept each member can carry out a project for himself or for a family member who has remained in the country, in lieu of monthly money transfers. This will lead to more jobs and more wealth.


Our priority,

The security of your investments!

The customer is at the heart of our strategy and our decisions. To give them confidence, we have them sign a contract. In addition, most of our services such as tontine have death and disability insurance.